Test Week

This week in school is assessment week. Children in class 2 worked very hard in their reading and maths tests this morning. Tomorrow we have a writing test and another maths test. It makes me really proud to see the progress the children have made.

Spelling Tests

Every Monday afternoon children in class 2 have a spelling test. We have lots of children getting 5 out of 5 each week, we call them super spellers! The children practise their spellings then they are tested. Children enjoy getting a sticker if they get all their words correct. Please help your children practice their spellings and high frequency words at home.


This week we have started a new book called Beegu. It’s about an alien lost on planet Earth. We tried to imagine what Beegu’s home planet was like and did some paintings of where she might have come from. It was very messy. The children did some wonderful paintings and really used their imagination.

Please Help!

Last week the children designed their very own moon buggies. We were hoping to start making them this week. Please bring in any old/spare boxes you have for us to use to make the buggies. Cereal boxes, egg boxes, yoghurt pots would be great. Thank you.

A letter from Bob!

This morning the children came into school very excited, asking if Bob had replied to our letter. He had! 🙂 He wrote to us saying thank you for all the questions, he enjoyed reading them. He sent us a book about himself as a way of answering our questions. The children and I really enjoyed finding out all about Bob. We found out that he works on the moon! What an exciting job!