Our new topic

This term Class 2 will be learning about seasides and under the sea. In history we will look at how seasides have changed over time, looking at what they were like in the past. In geography we will be looking at the world’s oceans and seaside towns around the world. We are also going to be visiting The Deep on the 1st of July. Dont forget that you need to return your money and slip if you woud like to come.

One thought on “Our new topic”

  1. So that’s why you were thinking about questions to research about different Sea Creatures when I came to see you learning the other day. I think the under the sea is a great topic because there are so many fascinating creatures in the sea. Did you know that when I was little the whole village of Rhodesia used to go a day out to seaside on the same day.It was called the club trip and about 15 buses would come to the village and take us all to Skegness or Cleethorpes. It was great fun!

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