Conisbrough Castle

This week Class 2 went on a school trip to Conisbrough Castle. We had a tour around the castle learning what each room was and how it was used. We learnt how the lords, cooks and peasants lived long ago. Lady Isobelle and Lord Hamlin built the castle 850 years ago. The children dressed up as people from the medieval times and did some drama and role play. Have a look at some of our photos below.

DSCN0026 DSCN0075 DSCN0076 DSCN0043 DSCN0044 DSCN0045 DSCN0058 DSCN0059 DSCN0060 DSCN0074

One thought on “Conisbrough Castle”

  1. Conisborough Castle is even more exciting than when I last went. Being at the castle and dressing up as people from the past helps you to imagine what life would have been like for them. Very different to our lives!
    I wonder why they chose to build Conisborough Castle on that site?

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